The Forecast: Rain{bows}

Last night, my ten-year-old son was looking at the weather forecast. When he noticed they were predicting rain for the next day, he said, "It looks like there's a good chance we'll see a rainbow tomorrow."

His words immediately went straight to my heart - straight to the things I've been wrestling with lately. He didn't say it looks like we'll probably have rain. His focus was on the rainbow.

All evening, I contemplated the spiritual applications to what he said. Too often I consider what may lie ahead and anticipate the rain - the trials in life - without considering what rain brings - a rainbow.

Promises kept.

Today didn't bring physical rain, but it did bring spiritual rain for my family - especially for my mom and her siblings. My grandma suffered a serious stroke and is in the hospital.


I spent hours at the hospital, in awe of Grandma's strength shining through her weakness and emotions. I looked around the room at all seven of her children with their spouses, and was blown away by the amazing support system Grandma has. I watched her lift her left arm repeatedly despite the damage done by the stroke. I heard truth spoken and prayers prayed.


This afternoon on the way home, I noticed the dark sky and remembered that it was supposed to rain today. Then I remembered what my son had said, and I wept at God's goodness.

God sends rain. He does. It's hard and painful, and He uses it to wash us, to grow us, to nourish us.

But He also sends rainbows. Gorgeous glimpses of His promise-keeping.

When we look towards the heavens, we will see them. And we will remember that He never leaves us nor forsakes us. We will remember that He causes all things to work together for our good and His glory. Even when the clouds are darkest and we just don't understand, He's using it all for His purpose.

Let that sink in.

The Creator of the universe is using it all for His Holy Purpose!

I see it. Do you see it?

A rainbow.


  1. So beautifully written!!! Hugs and prayers!

  2. I used to work with your Grandma back in the Coffee Cup days! I pray for her!

  3. You are an amazing writer my dear friend! I love you!


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