a super quick update on Chris

Since we got home on Friday, things have been Cuh-RAZY.

Chris's pain has decreased significantly in his left leg, both at the donor site and the graft site. In fact, the donor site has little white dots all over where skin is healing! Very cool. His right leg, however, has remained the same pain-wise and possibly gotten worse. We're not sure if it's because the burns went down the front of his calf, on his shin, and it hurts more because there's not as much muscle there to pad the area, or if it's simply because the right leg was worse in the first place. I'm anxious to see how it looks.

Tomorrow Chris has a re-check in Iowa City at 12:30. They'll remove the staples and then we're not sure what all they'll do. I'm hoping and praying that his right leg as not gotten worse as far as the graft slipping. I'm hoping that's not the source of his terrible pain.

I'm also curious how Chris is going to manage getting down the basement stairs to the van. He can barely put any weight on his right leg, and when he does his 5-10 minute walk every few hours, he leans heavily on me, so I'm hoping he can manage the stairs well enough that he doesn't fall and hurt himself (or me...that would be bad if we were both out of commission, huh?!).

Also, Lynnette had a good question regarding the graft and I thought I'd answer that here for those who are curious. She asked if the graft actually grows new cells or if it works more like a bandage until new skin grows underneath.

Because the graft came from Chris's body, new blood vessels will grow from the recipient area (where they removed all the dead tissue) into the transplanted skin. This process actually began within approximately 36 hours of the surgery.

Skin can be transplanted from another person, but from what I understand, that's only done when the patient has had burns to so much of their body that they don't have enough of their own skin to transplant all at once. The skin from another person is then used to protect exposed tissue to prevent infection, and to prevent fluid loss, but it's only a temporary fix. The patient has to undergo numerous surgeries to transplant their own healthy skin to the burned areas. This takes a long time because once the healthy areas are used as donor sites, they have to wait 10-14 days or more before that area is ready to "donate" again. Does that make sense?

Anyway, that's pretty much all there is to share regarding Chris...

One more quick thing...

Pierce (our oldest, who is 8 years old) has his annual assessment tomorrow through Wednesday (we homeschool and this test is the accountability method we chose for this year). Will you pray for him? I'm confident that he'll do fine, but he is a worrier in the first place, so I'm a bit concerned that all the recent events might affect his concentration and performance on his test. If he does really poorly, it's not a huge deal. I think we just have to submit a remedial plan to the school district, but I would prefer to not submit a remedial plan. We talked about it a lot tonight and assured him that he just needs to try his very best, that we believe in him, and so on.

Will keep you posted. :)

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  1. Hey! I just wanted you to know that I said a prayer for your husband's healing and for your son's assessment. The Lord shall supply all your needs, according to His riches in glory! Have a great day!


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