quick update on Chris

There isn't much new to report since my last update, but I did take a few photos of how Chris's legs look today, so I thought I'd post those for the curious and strong-stomached. The photos will be posted at the bottom of the post so you can still read the update without having to see the gore if you don't want to. :)

Chris's pain is being managed a bit better using a combination of morphine and ibuprofen. It still hurts but the morphine takes the edge off.

He slept better last night, which is very very good.

The morphine is causing a loss of appetite, so I'm struggling to get him to eat as much as he probably needs. Protein is my focus, and I'm also trying to give him foods with lots of anti-oxidants in them. Since he's not eating much I'm trying to make every bite count by giving him foods packed full of nutrients. I'm also giving him a multi-vitamin daily at breakfast, one Iron supplement (to build up those red blood cells before surgery) at lunch, and one Vitamin C pill at supper to boost the immune system. I also bought some drinks that are fortified with Vitamin E for the skin, along with lots of other nutrients. I give those to him at breakfast, lunch, and supper. I don't know if any of it will do any good, but I figure it can't hurt, especially since he doesn't want to eat much.

I've been keeping track of everything he eats, drinks, and also his meds and vitamins so my head doesn't explode from trying to remember. I'm not a good rememberer.

(I'm ignoring the red squiggly lines under that word because I like the word "rememberer" and I want to leave it just like that.)

(Rememberer. Rememberer. Rememberer.)

Anyway, I've made a fool of myself on the phone today with approximately 3,216 people (or maybe four) because I'm super-tired and acting delirious, which means I sometimes get giggly and, well, stupid. I think Chris spiked my water with morphine when I wasn't looking.

Chris is doing great. He's handling everything so amazingly and he is setting such an inspiring example for me and the kids. He could be grumpy and crabby and stressed and sad but he is none of those. He's kind, positive, and grateful and I couldn't be more proud.

We already see the hand of God in this situation in so many ways that I can't wait to share them all. I've remembered to write many of them in my gratitude journal, because I never want to forget God's provision.

And now for photos of Chris's burns as of today. (scroll down)

They look much worse, I think. There's some bruising going on as well, which is normal. And some of the greyish skin around the edges is actually traces of the burn cream (it's made from actual silver shavings and turns grey). You can click to see the photos bigger.

Inside of right leg. The right leg is much worse than the left. (Sorry about the blood drips...I didn't notice those until later.)

Front of right leg.

Inside of left leg. I didn't get any more shots of left leg.

Another shot of right leg.


  1. oh, Lord have mercy Danielle. bless his heart. ohhhhh...i'm hurting for him.

  2. Ouch, ouch, ouch!

    Hey, you should give him the Vit C with the Iron. Vit C helps the body absorb iron more efficiently. (At least that's what they told me when I was anemic.)


  3. We are praying for your family!!!
    When my son travels with his 3 young sons, he carries a 2-liter bottle in the van with a screw-top lid. It saves bathroom stops. Maybe a container with a screw-top lid would help Chris (and you) also. Sounds funny, but it works for guys (lucky them).


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