pre-surgery update on Chris

I had totally planned to update earlier today but the day completely got away from me.

We are in Iowa City right now at a hotel (courtesy of our amazing friends J&L...we love you guys), the kids are at my parents house (we love you guys too), Chris is sleeping, and I'm blogging.

There I go being Captain Obvious again.

And guess what. I forgot his morphine at home. I grabbed every other vitamin and pain reliever, necessities for us and all four kids, plus the kitchen sink, but I forgot the morphine. I had it hidden (from the kids), and planned to grab it last minute so as not to risk Aniston (2-1/2) getting into it. She's always sifting through my purse looking for gum, and I know she'd put those little white pills in her mouth if she found them. That would be very, very bad.

So anyway, I'm feeling like the worst "nurse" ever, but Chris insists his legs don't hurt now that he's in bed and they're reclined. I think he's lying and I'm debating whether or not I'm going to hit Walgreen's to get some more morphine.

I'm feeling babbly tonight (What's new, right? This blog is named appropriately!), but I'm going to try to make this quick to save you from my babbles.

(You're so very welcome.)

(I'm here for you.)


So tomorrow we need to be there at 8:30, surgery will start around 10-10:30, should last around 2 hours, and then we're expecting Chris to have to stay overnight, but that might not be the case. If he does have to stay, I'll stay with him in his room on a cot or chair or whatever accommodations they have. Who knows. All I know is they will let me stay in his room, and I'm glad for that. This way, I can see as much of what the nurses do, hear what they say, be the eyes and ears as much as possible in case Chris isn't with it enough to remember something because of the meds.

Speaking of drugs. I've got a notebook full of medical related notes, contacts, food log, Thank You's that I/we need to write, and I think I need to have a section labeled "drug-related funnies". I've already got a couple. I'll share later. Heehee! :)

Anyway, I'm planning to update via Twitter (updates show up on the left side of this page, or you can go directly to my Twitter page by clicking right here). Those twitter updates also automatically forward to my Facebook account so if you are connected to me there, you can see updates there. I'll call a few people, but mostly I'll be sending out a mass text to save myself a lot of phone time. (Thanks for grace on that, by the way. I want to be 100% there for Chris.)

If there's a computer at the hospital, I may sneak out while Chris is resting to update, if necessary. But we'll see.

I think that's all?

Chris has been in such a great mood tonight. We watched some HGTV together, had a Happy Joe's taco pizza (his favorite...although he only had three pieces), and he said he's surprisingly calm about it all. God's already shown His hand in this so much that it's hard to feel anxious. We're so thankful!

Good night all.


  1. I hope everything goes smoothly, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  2. I hope the surgery is going well. I think it's a good day for surgery b/c two others have been smooth and successful :)


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