Another Update on Chris

Chris called the clinic this morning to look into getting gauze and prescription pain medication, and upon speaking with him, they've decided they want him to get a second opinion from the burn specialists in Iowa City. So right now, we're waiting on someone to come out to our house to rewrap both of Chris's calves. Both of his bandages fell off this morning and he's sitting in our not-so-sterile living room with both legs exposed. It makes me very nervous. He's thinks I'm over-reacting. Ack.

Anyway so as soon as they arrive and re-wrap, we'll head out with the kids. My mom is going to take the kids so we don't have to drag them all the way there (thanks, Mom!).

If there's anything new to report before we get home, I'll probably tweet it. (Click here to see my tweets.)

More later.


  1. Thank you for the updates on Chris! Updates help remind me to pray!
    As far as your trip to Iowa City, just pretend it's a date and stop at Whitey's for ice cream on your way home. :) (Ok, so I'd be lousy at pretending it was a date too. But do take time to enjoy the time together alone, no matter what the reason for the trip is.)

  2. Poor guy! Have a safe trip, hopefully it isn't to painful for him....I will be praying for quick healing! Thank goodness for grandmas!

  3. uh...what happened?!

    praying for you all~

  4. What a trial - I just got done praying for Chris - and you - YES - and you - God Bless you both.

  5. Oh wow. I just finished reading about this whole ordeal. Please tell Chris I'm praying for him. Can't even imagine having to bear that kind of pain...Derrick was working with cement at work one day this week too, and I'm freaked and thankful the same thing didn't happen to him.

  6. Danielle, I just popped in after a long time of not checking on you. I'm so sorry to hear all that is going on. I'm going to uphold you, Chris, and your babies in prayer. Sandy

  7. Thank you all for your comments and prayers. :) You're all so sweet...


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