aaand...another update on Chris

Really quick update...

Chris recovered from surgery fairly well. They said he did vomit when they removed his breathing tube, and we were surprised to hear they needed to use a breathing tube. I'm not sure if that had something to do with the fact that Chris snores and stops breathing in his sleep (for about 5-10 seconds), but we're hoping to find out what the dealio is with that.

Morphine isn't doing much for him. The donor site (his left thigh) is extremely painful and actually hurts much worse than the graft site. As I type this (from the hospital hall) they're getting some Dilaudid (sp?) for him because Dr. Wibbenmeyer (the surgeon) thinks he'll respond better to that. I'm praying that is the case.

Speaking of the surgeon, I asked her today about his release date. She said he will be released tomorrow around mid-day. YAY!

Chris's blood sugar was pretty high after surgery so they've been giving him insulin. Just a while ago they tested his blood sugar and it was 107, so just low enough that he doesn't need insulin anymore. (High blood sugar is pretty common after surgery, I guess. Something to do with how the anesthesia affects the pancreas or something? I dunno.)

They stapled the graft to his "good" skin, and those staples will need to come out next Tuesday. Also, an interesting tidbit is that the donor site is covered in a sheet of plastic that acts sort of like an authentic scab. It is a bit leaky so he's bled onto his sheets quite a bit, but that's common.

They apply a solution to his graft site several times a day. It's a mixture of silvadene with a saline solution. The saline solution acts as a thinner so they can just pour the silvadene on instead of having to rub it on. They don't even unwrap the area, they just lift the wrapping and squeeze it in there, so I haven't had a chance to see the graft yet. Chris wants me to take photos, and I'll post them on here for those of you who are curious.

I think that's the gist of it. Most of this info is for my own information, so I apologize if I've bored you half to death!



  1. When you are put under general anesthesia they have to breath for you, because the medicine they use makes you unable to do that for yourself. So they always insert a breathing rest assured that it doesn't mean that anything went wrong. I hope the dilaudid helps better with his pain. Praying that he heals quickly and as pain free as possible.

  2. @Katie Aha. That makes sense...we asked about that beforehand but they said "IF" we need to use a breathing tube. There must have been a confusion or miscommunication there. We weren't worried about it...just curious and we both find ourselves fascinated with all the medical details. It's amazing! Thanks for the prayers, Katie. :)

  3. Yay for being released tomorrow. I'm sure the kids are MORE than ready to see you guys again! Praying for a quick recovery!


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